How to disable default comment in WordPress

We discussed why you should turn off or disable the default comment in the previous post. Now we are going to describe how to turn off default comment in WordPress. We will discuss two methods of disabling comments. First is the default settings of WordPress and the second is a plugin. Both methods are easy but the plugin is much easier. So let’s start with default settings.

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Turn off comments by default settings in WordPress.

In this method, you need to configure two settings. You can watch the video or follow the instruction below to disable default comment in wordpress.

Here the explanation with images if you are not interested in video.

So, first of all, go to settings>>discussion

easy way to disable comment in wordpress

Now you have to uncheck the first three checkboxes and click on Save.

wordpress comment disabling

Note: This will only turn off future comments. If your website has some published post then you have to turn them off one by one because the users can post a comment on an already published post. Don’t worry it will take maximum 1min and depends on your published post.

How you can do that? It simple, just go to Post menu and Select Post>>All post. Now click on “Quick Edit”

comment in wordpress

When you click on Quick edit a new option will come. Here you have to uncheck both checkboxes.

how to disable comment with plugin

Uncheck both options and click on Update. This will close comment option that particular post.

You have to repeat this process with all published post. Once you have done this process all your WordPress comment will be disabled.

Second Method: Disable comment Plugin:

This is an easy option. Just go to plugin menu in your WordPress and type ” Disable comments”. The plugin will appear on the first search and have 5-star rating with 1+ Million installations.

turn off comments in wordpress

Just activate it. When plugins activated, the setting will appear and you have to click on settings. Now click on the first radio button.

disable comment in wordpress

Now just save the setting and all your entire website comments will be disabled. You can also choose from the below menu if you want to disable only post or page and media comments.