Why you should turn off the default comment in WordPress

Why you should turn off default comment in your WordPress site? Because whenever your site starts to rank on Google and daily page view of your site increase in thousands per day, the problem starts to rise. The problem is known as spammers. The robots start to post the comment in your site and you have to delete them one by one. You may use some paid plugins to stop spammers but how you can stop human comment? 

Why you should turn off the default comment in WordPress

You may ignore the comments but the big problem with spammers is that the increasing number of spammer comment slow down your site speed.

Comment and CPU usage of Website

 Another drawback of spammer comment is to increase the CPU usage of your website and your web hosting provider suspend your account and your website just gone. This thing actually happened with my other site. When my daily traffic reaches at 4000, everything starts to mismanage. First, my monthly bandwidth exceeds, then the web hosting provider suspended my account because of an increase in CPU usage. I received hundreds of comments daily. Few were organic and the majority of comments was spam. I manually approve them and delete all spammer comment. But the number of spammers so high that they exceed my monthly bandwidth.

cpu usage warning by web hosting

I pay more for bandwidth allocation and after a few months later the web hosting provider suspends my account due to the increase in CPU usage. 

How I recovered my account which was suspended due to CPU usage? 

I mail the web hosting provider and ask about the solution. They just refuse to provide any help but they give me one favor. They told me that if you make sure that your site will not use so much CPU usage then they can open your account for few days and if your site didn’t exceed CPU usage then they permanently open your site. So I agree with them and what I do is that I close my comment section, delete all comment, use a separate plugin for comment. 

I also disable and delete unused functions like plugins, jQuery, etc. 

What is spam comment in WordPress?

The question comes in mind that from where these comments come from and what benefits getting by these spam comments? The reason for these comments is a backlink. In off-page SEO, people use backlink through the comment section. Some people do it manually and high page authority websites are the target. People post a comment and leave their website link in the comment section. Robots also used for this purpose. There are many tools used for spam comment. they charge an amount from the user and post spam comment with users website link. There are some tools to avoid spam comment but most of them are paid. They also offer a free subscription for a limited time.
Disqus, LIveFyre, Facebook comment, and google+ plugin can be used as third party comment control.