What is Sandbox and How to enable Sandbox in Windows 10

Sandbox is a feature of Windows 10 which is used by the developers and tester. This is basically a separate or isolated system which provides a facility to test software without any changes in the main OS. Everything you do in the sandbox is temporary and changes couldn’t affect the original operating system. It not only provides a new operating system but also give you full feature to the use of OS in a separate window.

How to enable Sandbox in Windows 10

Enable Sandbox in windows 10 requires virtualization support in Your PC or Laptop. Most of the modern computer supports Virtualization and provides fields to work on a virtual machine.

So, first of all, enable virtualization. If you don’t know how to check virtualization then just open “Task Manager” by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete. When task manager opens Go to Performance>> here you can check virtualization.

how to enable sandbox

If virtualization is disabled then you can turn it on by Going to BIOS. Every Computer have a different type of BIOS but you can find virtualization option as HP laptop BIOS looks like this

bios virtualization

So, After enabling virtualization just go to Start Menu and type “Turn Windows feature on and select it.

turn feature on and off

Now Select ” Windows Sandbox” after that your computer will take a few moments and ask for a restart. Just Restart your PC and Enter ” Sandbox” in Start Menu.

windows sandbox

This is the simplest method to open and enable sandbox in your PC. If you have any question you can ask in the comment box or check Home for more post.