How to use multiple copy and paste in windows 10

Windows 10 new updates in 1809 version comes up with some new cool feature and have a fantastic feature of multiple copy and paste feature. The feature of copy multiple things at once and paste any of them is very simple.

The all copy things save in a clipboard and you can paste them by windows key+v but first you need to enable this feature. You can enable multiple copy function by just pressing window+v key or you can do this by using settings.

So here the method to enable multiple copy paste feature:

Go to setting>System>Clipboard.
multiple copy paste

Just enable the Clipboard and all your copy and cut will automatically save into your clipboard. Whenever you want to paste you need to use windows key and you can navigate between you copy content by using mouse and also arrow keys can be used for navigation. Select the content which you want to paste and leave the keys. You can also use Enter key or left mouse key.

multiple copy paste in windows 10

You can still use Ctrl+v key in case of single paste or paste the recent content which you have copy.

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