How to turn off Windows 10 automatic update

Windows 10 update are forced update which are always use your internet connection. You can’t stop them but we have a trick to stop these updates and l stop Microsoft apps data usage in background.

Without wasting your time lets get started.

Simplest method to turn off updates in Windows 10

Go to your computer setting>Network & Internet

Now select your network and click on network.

In network just select ” Set as metered Connection” .

Once you select meter connection all of your updates and background stop to use your internet and not even 1 MB of your internet will be used.

If you have mobile data connection and have limited amount of data then this feature is also perfect for you.

You can also use this on WiFi network and all other types of network. Just set your connection meter and no background app or update will work. When you want some updates, you can set it off.

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