How to Wordpress

How to disable default comment in WordPress

We discussed why you should turn off or disable the default comment in the previous post. Now we are going to describe how to turn off default comment in WordPress. We will discuss two methods of disabling comments. First is the default settings of WordPress and the second is a plugin. Both methods are easy […]

Aticles Photoshop

What is Pixel in Photoshop

Before digging into photoshop, I’m going to discuss the basics of digital image and the first thing is in a digital image is a Pixel. What is pixel and how it relates to digital media? What is a Pixel? Everything is made up of some basic little things like buildings are made of bricks. The […]

How to Windows

What is Sandbox and How to enable Sandbox in Windows 10

Sandbox is a feature of Windows 10 which is used by the developers and tester. This is basically a separate or isolated system which provides a facility to test software without any changes in the main OS. Everything you do in the sandbox is temporary and changes couldn’t affect the original operating system. It not […]

Aticles How to Wifi Network

How to control Wifi Network

If you have wifi which provides internet to multiple users(suppose a wifi network in college or town which have a wifi range of 1km) then controlling the network speed and internet access authentication are the main things to manage. I’m basically part of an ISP company which provide internet in a town and providing internet […]

How to Windows

How to turn off Windows 10 automatic update

Windows 10 update are forced update which are always use your internet connection. You can’t stop them but we have a trick to stop these updates and l stop Microsoft apps data usage in background. Without wasting your time lets get started. Simplest method to turn off updates in Windows 10 Go to your computer […]