3 Method to make transparent image background in Photoshop

Photoshop is one the best tool for image and picture editing. Many times it require transparent background and in this tutorial we explain the 3 methods of transparent image background in photoshop from a new file to an image file background. So lets start with first method.

Watch video tutorial below:

Method 1: Creating New Transparent Layer

In this method we discuss about how you can make transparent background by selecting the new transparent file. Here are steps you need to follow:


First of all you need to select a new file

3 method to make transparent image background in photoshop


In next step you need to select “transparent” from Background Content: as shown in the diagram below

Step 3:

Now you can do any type of work and like i wrote a simple text. Now you need to save it. For this purpose click on ” Save as

transparent image background in photoshop

Step 5:

Now save your file in “PNG(*.PNG)” format.

Many people make mistake here you can’t save your output file in jpeg format because other format doesn’t support transparent background and fill with white background.

Now if you want a transparent background from image then this method will work for you.

Method 2: Making transparent background of an image

In this method eraser option is used and only workable on simple photo editing and if you want advance level then check third method. So if you simple editing work and make transparent background then follow these steps:

step 1:

Open your desire image and select Eraser tool and further select “magic eraser tool”

transparent image background

Step 2:

Now press left click on background of the image.

 transparent image background

Step 3:

Now save as your image “PNG” as instructed above. Your new file will have transparent background.

Tip: You can add your desire background here instead of transparent.

Method 3:Advance level editing for making transparent background of an image

In this method you can do this job on advance level and can use deep level image transparent background. Just follow these steps to do this job.

Steps 1:

Open your desire image in Photoshop and select “Quick Selection Tool”

Step 2:

Now make some changes in following setting:

Check both two boxes

Sample all layers and Auto-Enhance

Hardness=0 and Spacing =1

Now make the selection by using brush and try to make as perfect as possible.

Step 3:

Hold the left mouse key and select the edges. Zoom-in for more accurate result and use “Alt” key to minus the selection.

Step 4:

After complete selection you can further use advance option like “Refine edge” from upper side to make more accurate selection.

Step 5:

When you make perfect selection then select from Output To “new layer with Layer Mask ” as shown in diagram below and click ok.

Step 6:

Just save it in PNG Format.