1 Km Long Range WiFi Devices and Network

Wi-Fi devises we use in our homes and offices cover a limited coverage area. Good quality devices have a maximum range of hundred meters in an open area.

People use different types of hack to extend their Wi-Fi range but most of them are just a waste of time. Some youtube channels give you different types of antennas but believe me those all hacks are useless. They may extend your Wi-Fi range little bit but if you think that they can extend your Wi-Fi range in kilometers then you are just fooling.

1km long range wifi

The reason behind this is that it does not matter how good quality your antenna. The thing matter is your device signal producing power. Every device has a limited power gain of Wi-Fi signal transmit power and you can’t increase it. For example, your car engine has 700 horsepower, now it doesn’t matter how good your car tires are. The quality of tire can increase a little bit better speed but if you want to speed up your car you need to change your car engine which has more horsepower.

Does 1 km long WiFi coverage Possible?

Yes, it is Possible. Now the question is how you can extend your Wi-Fi range more than one kilometer? There are many devices which can transmit signal more than one kilometer. These types of devices are outdoor means you didn’t need to cover them. They are waterproof, heatproof and weatherproof. They have a large variety of functions which are mostly used for commercial purposes but you can use them for your personal purpose.

May you think these devices are expensive but they are not so expensive. Their prices start from $70 to $150.

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I only listed devices which I have tested and find a good quality result. So, there are two types of devices are listed. Both working powers depend on your requirements.

Nanostation M2

Nanostation m2 is most common and one of the best devices to transmit and distribute Wi-Fi coverage in an area of 1 kilometre + range.

nano station

Nanostation is an outdoor device which can cover the 120-degree area in a range of more than 1 kilometer. In below picture we assume a town if we want to provide Wi-Fi to the whole town, we install the Nanostation

1km long range

on a corner and 120-degree area can receive Wi-Fi signal on their mobile and laptops.

In the case of a town where you want to cover the whole Town from the center then you should use 3 Nanostation stations devices.

nano station 1km plus range

Each Namostation will cover 120-degree and total 3 will cover the 360-degree area. So the whole area will receive Wi-Fi signal and can enjoy Internet browsing.

On commercial purpose Nano Station devices are used to provide signal in Universities and offices.

If we talk about the performance then one thing you should keep in mind. More height of your device will cover more area. 45 feet height considered as a good height but if your area is commercial and big buildings are surrounded in your area then definitely coverage will decrease. Wi-Fi signal has a big problem with buildings and walls.


  • High quality signal
  • cheap in price
  • 120-degree coverage area
  • no disconnect problem
  • 22-30 client
  • good for mobile
  • built in antenna 8 to 13 decimal

Rocket m2

Rocket m2 is also an outdoor device which is used to provide Wi-Fi coverage in a radius of 1 kilometre. Company may claim that it can provide a range of 5 kilometres but in real-time Rocket m2 range depends on the antenna’s quality. This device uses an external antenna and by using high-quality antenna you can extend the range from 1-4 kilometres.

how to increase wifi range

Rocket m2 radio generates a very powerful signal. For Rocket m2 device we mostly use two types of antennas.

The first and commonly used antenna is omnidirectional antenna. This type of antenna can cover 360 degrees area. Now, how much radius will cover? It completely depends on the quality of the antenna.

increrase wifi signal

Cheap and local type antenna can cover 500 to 800-metre area and 15 to 25 users or devices can be connected at the same time. This type of antenna price varies from $20 to $50. TP-Link antenna TL-ANT2415D is one of the medium range antenna which has a price of almost $50 with 15db power.

tp link

If we discuss High-quality antenna then Ubiquiti omnidirectional
AMO-2G13 with 13db power and AMO-2G10 with 10db power is the perfect solution. This type of antennas are expensive and mostly used for commercial purposes. But if you use this antenna for Wi-Fi coverage then your signal can cover almost 4 km radius and more user can use Wi-Fi with perfect speed. The main difference between local and
Ubiquiti antenna is that local antenna may looks more powerful in db but in actual quality of signal matters.

The second type of antenna which is used is known as “sector antenna“. This type of antenna can cover 120 degrees of the area and transmit the signal from 2 to 3-kilometer range.

sector antenna wifi

You can use three decimal antenna to cover the 360-degree area. Remember Rocket m2 devices have two slots for the antenna but you can use an extension to place the 3rd antenna. The performance will be incredible if you use a sector antenna and you can transmit signal 3 time more far as compared to the Omni antenna. A good quality sector antenna has almost $150 price per piece.


  • High power radio transmitter
  • Two antenna ports
  • 30+ devices can connected
  • High Data Transmission
  • Medium Range Price
  • 4+km range by Sector Antenna

Bullet m2

Bullet m2 is used to cover a limited area from 500m to 800m maximum. The main benefit of this device is that this is a low budget device and support single antenna.You can use omini direction antenna with Bullet m2. All the feature of Rocket m2 and Bullet m2 are same. The difference between these two devices is that Bullet m2 has small size and low price. It can be use for small offices and colleges. The only problem with Bullet m2 is that it can be affected by lightining. So it is better to turn off this while bad weather condition because it’s transmitter can be damage. You can use ground wire to avoid lightining.

bullet m2 review

There are also some other devices which can cover a range of 1km+ like
TL-WA7210N. df This device has radio power of 500mw with 12db built-in antenna and you can cover a 120-degree area more than 1 km. It also little cheap as compare to Nanostation but if we talk about the performance than Nanostation is best and 7210 is good.

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Tenda and MikroTik company also have some outdoor devices which can also use to cover long distance WiFi range but I didn’t use them so I have no experience about them.